And I am not frightened of dying 

Any time will do, I don’t mind

Why should I be frightened of dying?

There’s no reason for it, you’ve gotta go sometime.

If you can hear this whispering you are dying.”


I used to feel this way. For all the wrong reasons. You all know these words but probably can’t place them quickly. The reveal here is who said them. Why and what they mean or how we interpret them is up to us. Art is that way. I say Alcoholism and Dying do mix but cant work it into any lyrics or notes of any kind.


When I drank, alcohol was killing me daily. I didn’t have any fear or care. I knew where it was leading. A doctor told me what it might be like where I was headed. And then I stopped. A couple of years later and I am driving the bus like Ralph Kramden down the dead-end road of middle age. I will take the fork into the oncoming traffic of being old, not caring what’s coming or knowing where it will end. I just want to enjoy the ride while it lasts.


At Abbey Road Studio in 1973, those who worked there were asked if they were afraid of dying. The few words in Great Gig in the Sky are their responses. The beautiful singing was performed by Clare Torry, who was referred to the members of Pink Floyd by Alan Parsons. They asked her to sing what an orgasm felt like. She sued them years later over royalties for an undisclosed amount. Money will do that. 


Whats the point? Not sure, I am as indifferent to dying now as when I drank. I do know that life is a hell of a lot better. 


So, here is what its like not to drink too much too often? 


You sleep when you used to drink. You’re awake when you used to be sleeping from drinking, conscious when you should be, and asleep when you’re tired from doing stuff. That’s it. 


And what’s real is if you can read these words, you are dying. 


Peace, chris


Words shamefully borrowed from Pink Floyd.

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