Technology companies are going to drive the gun nuts, nuts. It seems there is a push to develop an app to determine if someone has been exposed to the C virus. I am all for, and all four, for finding this thing and eradicating it from the planet, but how we do it has to be considered too. It’s not as easy as emailing it back to China or hiding it in the hair of the new white house press secretary. She’s so pretty, but why wear a painted leather football helmet from the ’20s to work?
Staten Island may provide an answer. The floating graveyard that some people call home could be the Alcatraz of the Quarantine Islands. Just move everyone in the tri-state area who are C+ or positive 😉 there until they test free of it. The advantages are that they will still be close to home, residents will feel like they’re on an island vacation and….wait for it. The rest of us won’t have to wear masks. In fact, SICV residents won’t either, which will allow everyone to wear their gun outside their pants. This is probably as good as being a character barricaded inside of a Suzanne Vega song, for life. You gotta start somewhere.
Peace, chris
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