My mom was always very proud that our family lineage traces back to Franz Liszt. He was a German composer and brilliant pianist. I get it, but I am not sure whether that does something for us or did something to us.
And herein lies the problem. Many people don’t know who Lizst is, but let’s assume it’s true. The lineage would have been on my dads’ side so we can begin our journey on Church Street in Sea Bright. My dad, grandmother, and great grandmother were all people well known to me. I never saw one of them play any kind of musical instrument in the house there.
My dad loved music and classical music, for sure. If you asked him about it, he would find a way to tell you about our relationship with Mr. Liszt. I assume this makes us sound more musical.
My guitar teacher Mr. Lepore would disagree about my musical abilities; I quit when I was 12. My sister was very talented and played the piano for over a decade; she stopped because her teachers only taught classical music. My parents were trying to get the Lizst out of her, but like me, she gave up. Being a Liszt made us about as musical as being named Christian made me more religious. No dice.
I think I know the connection to music but believe it may not be to the prodigy, Liszt, at all. You see, my dads’ real name was Franz, not Frank, which is how everyone knew him. Mr. Liszts’ first name was Franz, and my grandfathers’ name was Franz as well, so I think we got it. We also have a son named Franz, called Frank, and son Christian.
However, the one who was really named after someone in music in the Farber family is Dylan.
Go figure.
Peace, chris
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