The unemployment office is overworked?  If so, this is an enigma inside a paradox surrounded by an oxymoron if there ever was one. The claims are piling up so fast they cant be processed.

Decades ago, I was an HR guy at Chase Manhattan; I spent five years moving through the different disciplines of HR before I decided to move my career into something that paid real money.  The lessons I learned there, though, are still among of the most valuable.

The check processing area of the bank was a maze of desks filled with people pushing paper (checks) through the system. There wasn’t much in the way of automation in the early ’80s. I was sent to sub-basement 5 to fire an employee who was putting the unprocessed checks into the garbage because she couldn’t keep up with the work. Her solution was to” throw it out.”

It doesn’t take much to make valuable, worthless in times of stress. We had that in the early ’80s, and have it now in the form of recession. For some, there comes the point where caring about what you do doesn’t make the list.

But my friends at the unemployment office arent throwing the work out but are slowing down processing because of errors and omissions. That’s on the filer. I don’t think its a stretch that people are so worked up over this virus that they cant fill out a simple claim form correctly.

If you take your time and check it twice, you will increase the chances of getting your check.

Peace, chris

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