When I was a kid, we turned on the radio or TV and listened to the news for information to help us make decisions. We didn’t hear opinions. We listened to the reports, and rarely questioned them, made decisions, or not, and moved on.

It was a mere 30 minutes. While you might not like the stories, you didn’t have to determine if they were true or not. Today, we are like detectives trying to solve a case. Seeking the truth and validating it is now our job. That’s what reporters are supposed to do. Trying to figure out the back story and why someone would want to bullshit everyone watching is an “add on” that is super confusing, difficult, and a waste of time.

This free form of misinformation is almost as bad as an uncontrollable virus. Being used about one makes things worse than the virus itself. Constant and continuous competition for eyes and ears for any reason or no reason, combined without facts, is what will kill us.

Peace, chris

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