Right now has always been my favorite time of the year—a stepping off point from the hangover of winter. We have finally rounded the corner and see 80 degrees in the forecast. It’s the only thing that keeps me here. Living in or around ground zero for an opponent that is likely to return makes you wonder. Not sure I have the guts to keep returning like some aging boxer trying to go twelve rounds to get a check.


This year we have the threat of a different beach experience. It seems quagmire might show up with his beach chair and fireworks and restrict, limit or change how we go to the beach. That’s like a no trespassing sign showing up in the bedroom; it won’t make for a long marriage. I think it will work out.


Governor Murphy is a prior Golden Slacks guy who has spent some time in NJ’s more exceptional spots. Navesink and Princeton aren’t too shabby. He looks like he could use some sun, so I think this summer he should be a lifeguard complete with his megaphone voice and desire to do the right thing.


I just worry about what might happen if he has to remove Chris Christie with his coverup and beach towel from one of our beautiful beaches. Now there is a Democrat and Republican fight I would pay to see.


Peace, chris

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