At an age when people are fighting off cancer, stroke, or Alzheimer’s, what makes a man work at the level of the good doctor? He is a humanist, which means he believes we are in this alone as humans, no god is going to fend off the virus and save us. He has a concern for humans only, that’s what keeps him going after 79 years.
It’s funny to me that at a time when the silver tsunami of older people who want to work but can’t because of age discrimination, are supplanted by really old people who can. Why? Because we are f’d on this, one way or another.
If this whole thing is a master plan by the Illuminati to wipe out much of humanity so they can keep what’s left for themselves, that’s bad. And if it is as headlined, ”The worst pandemic since the last depression after the last pandemic,” that’s really bad.
Why else would such a distinguished gentleman expose himself every day to the media with a mask only a mother could love? I wonder what he might be mumbling to himself under it as the Don tells us everything is good, or great, or sucks, and just might be ok.
Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s like looking for birth control in the supermarket. You can get it there, but it’s not why you go. And who do you ask if you have a question? Remember where you are. Are you hungry or horny?
Dr. Fauci is a savior and national treasure who is dealing with a human problem with facts and figures. Its what his education taught him and what he believes. He has advised every President since Reagan for a reason. I am following him on this one. Wear the mask.
Peace, chris
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