There are still remnants of my dads’ family floating around Sea Bright and my moms’ frayed family in a more magnificent Long Branch. But there are no more Farber’s in Rumson.


The new dawn in my family starts in Tinton Falls. (The earth trembling just now was my mother and father rolling over underground at the cemetery in Middletown). My parents thought Rumson was a step up from Sea Bright. They also thought Tinton Falls was a step down from Rumson. My sister-who is buried next to my parents – didn’t care. She said, ”Live wherever you want. Who gives a shit?” It’s funny how that came from the one who lived in a big home on the Navesink after a stint abroad.


Understanding what is essential takes some living, which is hardly an original or new way of thinking. Where you live only makes a difference to the collective bunch who think where you live is essential. As we age, we often widen our perspective on life. One of the things that does is allow you to justify how a life’s worth of decisions and actions come together, kind of like a plan. The result is being able to reconcile what we did wasn’t random.


Living where you are isn’t important. What goes on in what you live in is.


Peace, chris



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