This iconic store was in the middle of Sea Bright when I was a kid. It was a toy store, confectionery, and newsstand. One of those “you can find it at” places right in the center of town across from the public beach parking lot and a little to the right. I think it was owned by two brothers but was always a stop when we were in town. You could buy a bus ticket, milkshake or a dirty magazine when it was open. Everyone knew it; not everyone went in because of the mags, which weren’t very public when I was a kid. Still, it was a town staple.

A friend of mine raves about Wiseman’s egg creme. He hasn’t had one in almost 50 years but can describe it so well you can taste it. You feel like you’re sitting on a spin stool at the counter and drinking it in along with everything else from soo long ago.

And that’s the quality of small-town stores, people, products and experiences. Sea Bright had and has that quality. So does Grafton, VT, for me. Think about those small towns and what brought you to them and soon you will miss them more than ever.

Peace, chris

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