One of the kids I grew up with figured out how to break into the electrical box that controlled the lights at the ballfield. It was at the Piping Rock field one day in the early 70s. This happened while we were hitting pop-flys. It was dusk and time to go home, but controlling the lights was just too much power not to try. So we turned them off to see what dark looked like. Unfortunately, we did this as one of my friends was settling in under a long, fly ball. The lights went out, and the ball hit him in the face. It was terrible, but we laughed anyway. We were young and stupid and proving it every day. He didn’t look too good for a couple of weeks, and we had to own up for it. We were reminded that we could have blinded him through fits of screaming and yelling by our parents.


The gang of kids on my street were always in trouble, I was a part of the mayhem most of the time but liked to remain a little distant. The fear of getting the shit beat out of me by my father just too influential. We wanted to reach the point just under where the cops would get involved; that was our sweet spot. As budding teenagers, we would make it to the real Rumson police station on Center Street in a few years.  Almost blinding one of our own on this day was good enough for us.


I am avoiding many names here as everyone involved is possibly reading this, and I don’t want to create trouble for them with their wives and kids. After all these years, still protecting our own is ok with me. I suck for a lot of reasons, this is one of them. Do you think I would have all of these stories to tell if I wasn’t trusted enough to be there when trouble arrived? No way! Being an outsider and an insider at the same time is what I was good at. In a few years, when we were referred to as the Wolfpack in Rumson, I would be glad I was a little more distant.


Update on farberisms. I have had so much fun doing this for the past couple of months. As a retired, cancer, free, impotent, orphan, I needed something to do with my time, it has been great. The genesis of my writing has always been around career and cancer so this has been a welcome change. I will keep it going but start to shift back to these themes a little. I have a lot to say and a place to do it, I hope you’ve enjoyed the couple of minutes we spend together daily. Seeing all the familiar names brings back a lot of good times and the desire to have more.


My following on social is mostly on Linkedin and Twitter, but this experience has been for Facebook friends dealing with seclusion. My site is running well, and we are turning our efforts towards Junk In The Trunk, which will be an online store to sell stuff and support charity. My site, farberisms. will support it. I spoke to a trademark attorney yesterday who asked me what farberisms. is about. After 10 minutes, I was done explaining what I write about and no further along with the definition, just where I want it.


Peace, chris

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