This year I will turn 60. I have never been a good numbers guy. Still, after spending a career around Wall Street types, some appreciation of them rubbed off onto me, the numbers that is. So 60 years is 2/3rds of my life if I make it to 90. That would be a stretch given my family and personal history, but that’s where I am aiming.


So I am in my third, third.


If you asked me what I learned in the first 2/3rds of my life, it would be one thing. For me, there is an element of life that is just too important. Everything else falls by the wayside and pales in comparison. I regret not arriving at this conclusion earlier, but I got here.


Life is about perspective.


Whether it’s watching an astronaut looking back at the Earth from space or witnessing a cop with his knee planted in a man’s neck, how you see what you see offers a description that is then defined by the you that is in you. That person has been developed by how you were raised and who you spend time with. Add education, economic lot in life, religion, and a million other factors, and you might have the start of a list. Combine this with the DNA stuff, which we recently figured out by mapping the genome, and there to have it. In this equation, the genome part is simple; it’s the other stuff that is most ambiguous and impossible to determine as recent events prove.


The only undeniable fact in our social morass is we created it. Therefore it can only be solved by us. Perhaps starting with a shared perspective just might begin to offer some insight. Violence free protests provide a focused view if just for a short time. What’s wrong with that?


Peace, chris

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