I do get asked how I stopped drinking. I know many who are trying and struggling to quit. It might not be just drinking or smoking.  It is likely something terrible for you and others around you. I have my answer, it is what I did. There is no easy fix here. You have to want it. If you don’t, the 3 minutes you spend reading this will only count against your daily reading goal. That’s it.

One of my best and absolute worst skills is the ability to turn things off. If you piss me off, I turn you off. Over, done, with no reconciliation needed because I don’t want one. I have lived my life this way with some regrets and…

I drank wine every day for about 25 years. After work, every day, no days off. I drank the better part of a 1.5 of Yellow Tail, daily. Weekends and high-pressure days even more.

I had a doctor tell me he doesn’t believe me before he said I should be dead. I went for every test I could get, I was ok. That’s what did it, I found out something about my health. High tolerance turned out to be my only savior. I haven’t had a drink in 28 months, but who is counting;)

For as long as I can remember, I feared the physicians. Doctors had always been around my family, and not much turned out well for them, so I didn’t go. So 10 years passed, and I decided it was time to find out if I had liver disease or some other damage. I didn’t. That was my fear, and I was ok, so I quit. I did find out I had Prostate Cancer, though…

I wrote about cancer on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global site and have a Facebook group called What’s your PSA?  I’ll answer any question you ask about either topic reminding you I am not a doctor but an experiencer with an opinion and no fear of sharing everything. Cheers!

Peace, chris

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