The dreadfully named sea is located in the Middle East. It is the lowest point on Earth -1400 ft elevation and only collects water, meaning other rivers, etc. run into it. It doesn’t spill over or feed anything else. As of 2010, 11 million gallons of untreated sewage ran into the Dead Sea from Jerusalem each year. By definition, this makes it the world’s most massive toilet bowl and is likely where the term “holy shit” came from.


The Dead Sea is dwarfed in size by the oceans, which can’t compete for the toilet bowl trophy because they feed other bodies of water. These oceans like to spread the good stuff around like an oil slick getting into the nooks and crannies of rivers and streams in your neighborhood.


All of this reminds me of the news, FOX, and CNN in particular. These outlets act as the stomach of social discourse, the receptacle of everything good and evil. All in the name of keeping or removing Trump and his merry men and hot women from office. Once collected, the stories are washed in poisonous fluids to prepare and direct the washed facts to support whichever side they’re on. Both organizations process the data through a meandering tract of bullshit, lies, and videotape to prepare for dissemination.


Like the Dead Sea, we only receive whats used, leftover, and ready for disposal. The stuff that never looks as good coming out as it did going in, with news outlets acting as the social catheter of American life.


Peace, chris

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