I am not conservative, liberal, democrat, or republican. I have voted for Bush’s and Clinton’s and would again if I thought they were right for the job.
I am a little on the short side, so I am sure I have been discriminated against by tall people. Particularly some of those who make up 75% of the NBA where the average salary is $7.7 million, a mere 248 times the ordinary stiffs’ $31k in the US. In the NFL, the average is $2.7 million or just 87 X po’ boys’ income. These guys are entertainers, that is all. They get paid a king’s ransom to play games in front of people. That’s it.
Sure some entertainers give back; I believe most of that from guilt. So do some guys who hang on the back of garbage trucks or police us in my town.
So a few idiots show their true colors, and we do what? Shut the whole lot of cops down and direct the money elsewhere.
How bout this? Lets shut down the Catholic Church too, we all know it has more than a few pedophiles.
Peace, chris
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