There is no going back once you get out here. I have arrived in the unstructured, unrefined, and unfulfilling world of retirement. Doing whatever you want reminds me of just what a bore-ass I am. A friend of mine said, “all you need is a beach chair and tablet to entertain yourself.” I didn’t have to consider it long to be reminded of my lack of physical activity. I spent a career in Marketing and Sales, most as a senior executive no less, and can count on one hand the number of rounds of golf I have played – I do love to watch it on TV though.
The pinch between retiring and dying is uncharted territory. Few share how great it is and what to do. TV shows you how to hang out with all your new friends that moved to a community somewhere warm and close to the hospital. There you are huddled together under the sun. It is a peaceful place to discuss where to get a cheaper blue pill and what might happen if you get it up. Add music, hmmm? Margaritaville plays in the background in your new La Dolce Vitaville. Remember, no one has ever come back from Neverland to tell us what we should do or avoid; I feel aimless.
I am in a reflecting mode. I have a couple of interests that I pursue daily. I like to sit and think of some of the assholes I worked with. Like the CEO of the company who looks like the living version of Jeffrey Epstein, and his henchman Herman Munster. What a pair.
Have a good day; I am heading to the beach to think, no reflect. I got my tablet. I got my chair. They’re all I need. Where is Navin Johnson when you need him?
Peace, chris
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