Growing up in Rumson put you 26 miles as the crow goes to Wall Street. The town has a plethora of people and families who have made riches there. Some from nothing, others by carrying daddy’s bags a little further.

Chances are everyone who commuted to the city tried their own way to cut time off the daily trek. Being young and ambitious, I thought I could too. Turned out, I was just young and dumb. If you drove into Jersey City, chances are you parked at a lot that was handled by a middle aged-plus black man who took your money and aimed you to an open spot. He would repeat “beautiful day” regardless of the weather or circumstances. We laughed at him now and again when it was raining or snowing but…

I went back to Sloan Kettering this week for testing. I actually like going there as the people are so pleasant. The results are what they are. In time you become almost immune to them. I often wonder if I am the only one who feels this way. Reminds me of our old dog, Dash. We tried to extend his life with treatment. He felt so bad he wagged his tail when the vet came to put him down. He knew she always gave him stuff that made him feel better.

Sloan in Middletown has an attendant who attends to the daily parking lot. He greets everyone and reminds us to have a nice day when we leave. The first and last guy you see when you go there. He reeks of “beautiful day” and causes great reward for nearly nothing to create a smile. I have been going there for a couple of years and actually like it. Seeing a familiar face in the parking lot is a big deal for this cancer patient. I am in a good place with my cancer, and I felt the same when I was not. The same guy worked the lot then as does now.

Oh, how nice it is to experience pleasant people. Try to be one if you get the chance today.

Peace, chris

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