Hi everyone.

I have been writing but not quite as much as I am gearing up for the coming year-end. My plan is to blog daily from the day the clocks Fall back until New Years if you want to join the fun. 

I have developed a recipe during my time off. I will share my BlackBerry Smoke Bourbon Compote when the time is right. I think I got it just about ready for prime time. The key was adding straight booze, which was made harder as a guy recovering. Turns out, Kentucky has something to offer, Bourbon. Stuff from a state where everyone is related and has six toes. Also, boys and pretty girls are both named Jed in the blue grass. Stuck between the North and South, a state without identity but was home to some Farber’s, who eventually made their way to Sea Bright. Hmmmmm. Now some stuff is starting to make sense about SB. 

My health is good enough, not bad, I still struggle to figure out what retirement means and what to do with it. I have been home for four years. I guess I’m not going back. Oh well. 

See ya in a couple weeks. The web address is farberisms.com or christianjfarber.com. Either will take you to the same place, my site. Bookmark it.

Peace, chris

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