James Joyce’s character, My Duffy, lived a short distance from his body, I have as well. Joyce described Duffy this way. I describe myself this way. Imagine my delight in knowing this with so much more time to go. Not everyone gets this chance. A celestial lottery ticket that paid off. The payout? Contentment.

I reached a tipping point a few years ago; what I have is enough. It’s an uncelebrated milestone that should have been achieved via a different route or never have been in my sights. It separated me from everything really important, which is a major regret I have. There is a lesson here to pass on, the one gifted to me now traveling through the sewer pipes of life just hoping to be cleared in an ocean yearning to be free.

Like Irving’s Sleepy Hollow horseman being chased by his past, I was born with my head firmly on my shoulders. The pumpkin thrown at me being alcohol, cancer, and early retirement. I am so lucky and fortunate. This aging orphan is hanging around for one more pass around the sun with the hope that Penn and Teller aren’t the ones keeping the time.

Your clocks should have been set back last night.

Peace, chris

The beautiful photo is courtesy of Jack Flaherty Photography, Monmouth Beach NJ.

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