I look back on six decades and have a chance to think about them, to consider their significance. I often write about regrets to educate others who are younger, hoping they will avoid mine. People who say they have none haven’t lived and are full of shit.

One of my biggest regrets is keeping things too close to the vest, not sharing all I know—my writing has always been an effort to fix that.

The key is when you find something useful, to share it. Don’t leave everyone else behind. Your desire for exclusivity is your most significant and hurtful decision. Passing over those you love most or others you don’t know is the worst kind of behavior. They need you and your experiences to advance the ball.

When real-life arrives, the stuff after everything is washed away; there you are at the kitchen sink, bare assed, and as stupid as the day you were born. You will likely have a keen eye on your hopes, dreams, and experiences washing away and wondering how you could have been a better person. It’s not an idyllic place to be, but it is a place. Make the best use of it.

Vote today, or don’t complain.

Peace, chris

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