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My 9th influencer blog! And the list keeps getting bigger and bigger! Christian J. Farber a top digital advocate and a Huffington Post contributor answered a question ‘How will Sales Change in 5 years time’? I thought this was a great topic to choose as we know sales is changing all the time through social selling strategies and the connection between more human to human dialogue is becoming a greater actuality. However, a question that needs clarity is where is sales heading. Are we going to see more old conventional sales techniques of telemarketing? Or more changes is going to happen within the human form of opening and closing a sale through automation and real time face to to face interconnection channels? I brought these questions to Christian to give us his views and tell sale strategists and people who work in sales what could happen. Professionals and digital strategists should also take note as its an important piece to read for those who want to know where sales could head too. Click here for the interview

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